Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feeding Clinic

     Jacob has feeding clinic today. I'm not a big fan of feeding clinic in general but I really dread going today even more. Feeding clinic or Children's Rehabilitation Services (CRS) is an appointment that I take Jacob to every 6 months. They evaluate his feeding habits, weight and overall health. Then they proceed to tell me what Jacob needs to be eating (like I don't know, hello!! why do you think I'm here) and what not to feed Jacob, which leaves me annoyed because Jacob gags on everything they tell me to feed him. However, it's really just been a means to an end for me because CRS has been paying for Jacob's weekly occupational therapy, or as Jacob and I like to call therapy. So in order for them to pay for this therapy we have to attend the bi-yearly appointments.          
     We'll today is different. Today is the day that they will tell me if they are going to continue paying for Jacob's "food" therapy or not. After a year in food therapy and seeing little improvement until the last few months and then they may cut us from the program? really? Incredibly frustrating. We love Elisa, Jacob's therapist and we love going there to see her but we can't afford this therapy without the help of CRS. 
     I'm about to start a rant, but I can because it's my blog. I completely understand if some of you think I'm irrational or crazy but I don't really care. I might sound selfish and insane but here we go. It's insane to think that we make too much money to not get this assistance but we don't make enough to afford the therapy either. Here comes the crazy and irrational part...So, we're "middle class" we make too much to get the help we need for our son but we don't make enough to afford the help we need. I think that parents of kids with special needs should get the assistance they need regardless of their income status. We have done everything right according to the government and the american dream. We got jobs, we got married, bought a house, pay our taxes, bought some cars, had some kids...but the system still fails us. We didn't plan on having a kid with special needs, we didn't plan on having to use our hard earned money to pay the amount of our mortgage in therapies just so our kid can learn not to gag on apples (insert any healthy food here). Why don't we get the help we need? Even more, there are families out their drowning in medical debts, therapy debts, medicine/supplement debts. All we have to face is this one occupational debt but what about these other "middle class" families who can't even pay their mortgage because their disabled child requires lots and lots of medical attention. This just doesn't seem fair to me. Yeah, yeah life's not fair...
     After all my ranting I still know that God still has us in his hands and in the end it really won't matter if Jacob eats apple or not. In the end we'll still be worshiping and praising God and I'm sure Jacob will eat everything at the heavenly feast! I can't wait to see that!!!

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