Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Book Entry # 1

    Jacob and Caleb are saying so many funny things that probably should get written in their baby books. Maybe not all of the sayings are baby book worthy but a lot of them are pretty darn funny. Since I don't think to get their baby books out, much less have the time to search for a pen, I'm going to start writing some funny posts about things they have said.

    Jacob: "Daddy, are you pregnant."

Best part about this one is that Erick almost used a "your mama" joke right here and was about to say "your mama's pregnant." Then he realized what he was saying...

After giving Jacob his daily medicine yesterday...

    Jacob: "complete"

Caleb is saying a lot of cute stuff lately. His are more routine funny things right now but nevertheless he says some funny stuff too. My favorite thing right now that he has been saying is right after we've done something for him he says very excitedly...

    Caleb: "Oh Tanks!"

I love how Caleb says "Help." His version of the world would look something like this... "Hayelp"

Another one of Caleb's funny things is being excited after he passes gas. The other day we were eating lunch at my parents and one of their friends and his kids had joined us. Caleb, of coarse, passed gas while we were eating and loudly exclaimed...

     Caleb: "I POOTED"

Then he busted out laughing.

It's really hard to "discipline" him when all the adults are about to pass out from laughing. Needless to say, life is fun with 2 boys!! I wouldn't trade them for the world...well maybe I would...nah I wouldn't!

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