Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let's boast in Christ

I've been really frustrated lately about the fact that I haven't had any ideas to blog about. So I guess I'm blogging to let you know that I have no ideas for blogging. We've been so busy the past few weeks with school, church and life.

The main thing that keeps coming to me to blog about is bringing glory to God and not myself, but then I sit down to write and the post goes something like this...

"I really want to give all the glory to God." 

hmm, that really sums it up.

I guess what I really mean by that is that I want everyone to understand that my stories that you think are so good and so powerful are really just utterances of a broken heart. I'm so blown away at the fact that people are "moved" by them because that's just my life. I see the comments that you guys have left and realize that you are not really touched by me but you are touched by God God has lead me to where I am and all I do is write about it. Someone told me that I have such a talent for writing but I only have that talent and any other talent that I might have because of God. I honestly don't consider sitting down and typing out my complaints or joys a talent and I'm actually confused at why anyone would want to read my blogs. The whole idea of my blog when I started it was for people to see how God can work through something devastating and turn it into a blessing...even when it's hard, God is good.

My point being, He did it, praise Him!!!

I love the lyrics to Todd Agnew's song "Something Beautiful"

It's funny how all I can be
is someone completely ugly 
and then when You look at me
You don't see a wretch You see a reflection
of something beautiful

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