Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Book Entry #2

So this is just another post to help me keep track of funny things that Jacob and Caleb do and say. It's really just for my own personal memory but I hope you enjoy the silliness.


While we were at the beach, Caleb was once again getting into trouble. Erick sent him to his room for not sitting still and eating his dinner. While Caleb was in his room, Jacob was pouting and very upset and said "I don't want Caleb to be in trouble, come out and try again Caleb." What a sweet big brother!!

In the car on the way home from vacation Jacob wouldn't quit saying the same thing over and over. Erick finally looked back there and said "Jacob, will you please be quiet?" Jacob, with a growl in his voice and a little laughter shouted "NEVER." Erick and I busted out laughing!!

The other day I was telling Jacob that his new T-ball team was the Astro's and he got all excited and said "Daddy, I'm going to be an astronaut." That's right sweet boy, shoot for the stars!!


This might be a little crude for some people but I still have to share because it actually happened and Caleb was completely innocent in it all. So, The other day I bought Jacob a juice from the gas station that had Woody from Toy Story on the top of it. Caleb was begging for one too, so I let him go trade the one he had for one like Jacob's. As we were walking to the cash register Caleb decided to announce to the store, "Caleb has a woody too." I'm sure I turned all shades of red while everyone in there was snickering. He proceeded to continually shout it until he got in the car. Needless to say, he was proud.

Caleb now uses the phrase "it sure is" instead of answering with a yes. i.e. when I ask him if that's a red car he says "it sure is." It's seriously cute!!

Sorry for another "off color" story but he's 2 and curious and really cute!...The other day Caleb says "mommy, I have a wee wee." Yes son, yes you do. "Jacob has a wee wee too!" "Daddy has a wee wee too." then he looks at me with a sad look and says "Mommy doesn't have a wee wee."

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