Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


No one quite understands what daily life with a special needs child is like. All of life's normal struggles are 10 times harder when you're child has special needs. Jacob hurt his toe this morning and it needs to be cleaned and doctored. The sad part is that I can't physically doctor his foot without some form of help. Stumping toes is a typical childhood experience for normal kids but it's a trauma when it comes to autism. So, Super Parents to the rescue! I'm so thankful to my parents who will come and help even when it seems like something silly. I am not physically strong enough to hold Jacob down, clean his toe and put medicine and a band aid on it. I'm seriously worried at the fact that he's getting stronger than me. Things that were once hard are becoming impossible. Take medicine for instance, I literally have to get Jacob in a headlock to get the medicine in his mouth and then I have to convince him to swallow. I'm considering talking to a chiropractor about coming in every few months to make sure that my body is aligned and healthy. I pray all the time that God would just make me ripped with a nice 6 pack. It really would benefit my parenting's not for selfish reasons at all, haha. I really do pray that God will give me the patience and mental strength to deal with everyday life. I tend to get very annoyed very fast with all of Jacob's resistance to things like this. However, I'm reminded that I can't do it alone and that keeps me humble.

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