Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Thursday, August 2, 2012

One More Day

I love being on vacation! However, the more kids I see the more I miss my little men. In fact, yesterday as we sat and listened to a timeshare presentation the guy started talking about kids playing on the beach. I literally pictured my kids on the beach and teared up...I realized then I had completely lost mind!! I guess when you have kids you just lose your mind, cause I lose my mind when I'm with them and apparently I'm losing my mind being away from them. We've had a very fun and rejuvenating time and have gotten to talk about many things on this trip. Sometimes I get caught up in my day to day activities and through the summer my activity is mostly playing referee between my two children. Or it's probably more like playing body guard for my youngest one. I seem to lose a sense of myself when all I do is referee kids. It's been nice to get away and have my own thoughts and feelings back. I'm going to enjoy this last day of vacation and then my mind is directly going back to missing my kids.

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  1. You are a wonderful mother who takes on such great responsibilities and who has wonderful children! Also such wonderful neighbors who are willing to do anything for you!