Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jacob's Social Story

 For those of you wondering exactly what a social story is and for those of you that want to write a social story for your child, but not sure where to get started; I've listed below the pages of Jacob's newest airplane social story for you!! Remember that the pictures need to be as specific as you can get them and you need to include as much detail as possible, especially on the things that might be an issue with your child. This one is kind of long, but it required pretty specific details about every step you take at an airport. I also decided to get this one laminated and bound so that it would last through the next 4 weeks and the trip itself. Keep in mind too, that even though you need to be very specific, it needs to be put into words that your child will understand.  So in this story you might think I worded stuff weird or different but it's because I know what Jacob will understand and what he won't. If you have questions or advice let me know!!

This last page is obviously Jacob's check list and with everything he checks off he will get a reward. I started with things that don't make him anxious, mainly because I want him to realize that he gets a reward for checking stuff off before we actually get to the harder tasks like "waiting in line at security" or "going through security." My hope is that he will be used to getting rewards and will push through the hard things to get his reward.

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