Me and Jacob

Me and Jacob

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Other Woman

She appeared in my life about 4 years ago. I knew who she was, but she obviously knew him better than I knew her. She was cute and petite with gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes. I never imagined that she would have such an influence over him.

She has now spent the last 4 years loving him. Stealing his kisses and his hugs and spending more time every day with him than I did or could. I want to cry almost every time I see her and I continue to send him off to her every morning. She obviously loves him, almost as much as I do.

Her love for him came as a shock to me. I never thought another woman could love him like that.

Her name is Caroline Poole.

She's the best teacher Jacob could ever have.

When we moved to Auburn 4 years ago I knew that we were making the right decision. Not only for Jacob but also for the rest of our family. We've flourished here. Jacob has flourished here. He's flourished more than I ever dreamed and we owe it all to "Poole." 

We didn't choose autism. We didn't ask to have a child with autism. Most of the time we don't know what to do with our child with autism. Caroline chose to be with autism. She chose downs syndrome, she chose cerebral palsy. She chose to spend her days with difficult children and I am in awe of that decision. Even more, I am eternally grateful for that decision. 

Caroline may be petite but her feisty personality fits well with Jacob's sporadic temperament. He loves her, he trusts her and respects her. She can get him to do his school work and behave unlike anything I've ever seen. I have to admit, I'm slightly envious of that!!

As I took the end of the year teacher gifts to school today I debated on whether or not to even wear eye make-up. I always get teary eyed when I see how much she loves my boy, but I knew today would be even harder. He's been with her for so long that the thought of him moving to a new school terrifies me. It breaks my heart to know that this time in Jacobs life is over. I know he will have good teachers and that he will be taken care of. Nothing can compare to the love that they share. The saying "You love the people that love your kids" is such an understatement when you're talking about your kid with special needs. That love magnifies more than I can ever explain.

This week marks the end of an era and a turning of a page in Jacobs autism story. I'm thankful that "Poole" doesn't fill up just a page but yet a whole chapter. She's shared the good times and the bad. The joy and the sorrow. She's part of our family whether she likes it or not. 

So in three days, with tears in my eyes, the phrase "School is cool with Poole" will leave my mouth for the last time as I send Jacob off to the other woman that loves him almost as much as I do.

~We Love You Poole~

But I mean, who couldn't love someone who's name is Caroline Sprinkle Poole!

Thank you so much for the hours that you put in to teaching Jacob about school, life and love. You have been a rock, you have been a safe haven and a true friend to him. I could never thank you enough for all that you've done to make him feel loved and special!




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  1. We have a 23-year-old son on the spectrum. I thoroughly understand the bittersweetness of your circumstance. Please let me assure you. Another dear angel will find their way into the hearts of your son and yourself. We were blessed with that privilege three times. Twice in grade school, once in middle school.

    The second "angel" was his teacher when he graduated from grade school. She told me God knew what was ahead for our son. He chose us to be his parents. Those words changed everything for me. I was humbled, strengthened and reassured by them. She chose to be on your team. You were selected to lead the team.

    You didn’t choose autism. God knew what was in store for your son. He knew you would steward, mentor, teach and raise him to overcome his circumstances. You chose to move to another city for the welfare of your family. You are the reason your son knows this lovely person in the first place.

    And here’s a tidbit for you to chew. Your son AND you have certainly impacted her life as profoundly as she has your lives. For that reason, she will be one who shows up when he graduates from high school. And he will graduate because of the seeds planted by you, your spouse, and this outstanding teacher.

    It’s painful to part ways with a relationship of this nature. Regardless, she’s not the one for the next season. As your son matures, he’ll have different needs. The next teacher will address them. And they will grow to love your child to help him thrive because of it. Their caring will be different, but that’s good. It will be what he needs to succeed.

    Enjoy the rest of this school year. Relish the blessing of this season! The next one will be even better.